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What’s included when you join The Virtual Dog Trainer

Every Dog Training Course

You get full access to the entire suite of exclusive on-demand online dog training course.

Live Q&A's with Professional Dog Trainer

Monthly live calls including; ask me anything sessions, dog training reviews and member hot seats.

Virtual Dog Training Success Path

Roadmaps to help you decide what courses, trainings and spaces to go through to get the quickest result with training your pup!

Private Messaging with Professional Dog Trainers

Direct message line with Professional dog trainers for 1:1 guidance and coaching. (typically get back within 24 hours)

Instant Referral Network

You’re automatically in with an amazing network of professionals dog trainers to hire and work 1-1 with

Supportive Community

This is your safe space to ask questions, get support and have the amazing Pro community behind you and your pup

Industry Expert Training

Monthly trainings and access to the ever-growing library of expert industry leader workshops.

Weekly Pro Hangouts

You can join our Pros for our weekly hangout calls for dog training support, problem solving, networking, and more.

Goals & Challenges

Accountability and quick win sprints to help you set and reach goals in training your dog

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The virtual dog trainer

Kerrine S.

As a first time dog owner I was nervous about everything pertaining to my dog. Brian helped us make the dog walking experience easier. He helped us get into a routine that allowed for a smooth transition with our adorable new addition. Brian is always professional and provides great resources to include video and literature to assist in the training process. Out beautiful dog is happier and so are we.

The virtual dog trainer

Chrissy M.

Brian helped so much with our dog Abbott. He used to bark and charge on his walks, a source of stress for us to take him walking. Brian gave us direction on how to train Abbott. In 5 sessions our dog is a completely different pet. He is a joy to walk with now and listens to our commands. It is 100% better. Thank you Brian!!

The virtual dog trainer

Luther C.

By far the best dog trainer we’ve used. In the past we’ve used dog trainers where we boarded our dogs, also large national dog training franchises. Brian is organized, professional and very knowledgeable. Brian gave us the tools we needed to lead our dog.

"I couldn't leave my gated community... &  Literally 2 sessions and he's like a completely different dog!

the virtual dog trainer

Martekei P.

After looking long for a dog trainer I came across Brian. From the first conversation I knew he was the real deal. He has been so wonderful. My pitbull has made such a turn in his behavior and obedience. I encourage anyone to give Brian a call he far exceeds the expectations he sets for himself.

The virtual dog trainer

Andrea R.

Brian made us feel confident that he was the right man for the job at our initial consultation! Our case was challenging because our dog was not only a stubborn breed, she was also 8 years old. We couldn’t take her to our beach condo due to complaints about her aggressive behavior. We are at our condo with our girl this weekend and it has been a game changer! Thank you Brian for everything, it has changed our lives

The virtual dog trainer

Logan S.

I have a two year old Australian Shepherd who has anxiety, resource guarding and slight aggression issues - Brian was extremely helpful with teaching us the best ways to deal with these issues and best practices to change his behavior. We have noticed a huge difference in just a short time and are excited to see his continued progress. Thanks Brian!!

Complete Access To Exclusive Online Dog Training Courses

You get full access to the entire dog training curriculum

online dog training course
Online Dog Training Courses Included:
  • Obedience Intensive (sells for $595)
  • Off-Leash Reliability (sells for $495)
  • Puppy Training & Raising (sells for $295)
  • Tackling problem behaviors (sells for $395)
  • Fun Tricks (sells for $195)
These courses currently add up to a $1,975.00 total value all included in your Virtual Dog Trainer Community

"Draco was aggressive & now we can bring him around dogs he's great, we can bring him around people he's great! 


Our professional dog trainers go live every month for members to answer any questions you may have about training your puppy or dog. challenges & struggles you may be facing etc.
These monthly live sessions typically consist of:
  • Live AMAs (ask me anything sessions)
  • Live dog training feedback
  • Member hot seat (10 min coaching session)
  • Trends and topics explored


But why explain it when. you can experience it for yourself

online dog training course
The virtual dog trainer

Jessica C.


Brian was professional, timely, informative, organized and knowledgeable. He worked a couple of weeks with our Belgian Tervuren and was able to help us gain confidence and control over his poor behavior choices, and gave us the tools we need to be successful in having the best version of our dog. His methods are realistic and helpful. Would definitely recommend Brian.

The virtual dog trainer

Joerge Z.


Brian with Awoken K9 has done a fantastic job of training our two pups Baker and Riley. We participated in his 9 week training session and both of our dogs have made tremendous process thus far! One of our dogs has dealt with fear and anxiety and has become more engaged and is getting over her fear. Our other dog has been overprotective and Brian has done a wonderful job in alleviate some of his fears also. Overall, Brian is very intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to dog training and is able to handle any concerns with dogs. He is very passionate about the work he does and dedicates a lot of time I’m making sure the dogs are in great care. After a session he follows up with you to make sure the dogs are progressing and is always able to answer any questions. We cannot thank Awoken K9 for all the hard work and dedication he has put into training our dogs. Would highly recommend to any dog owner looking for any type of training. Thank you so much!!

The virtual dog trainer



Brian is a great, efficient and friendly dog trainer. As with some of us dog owners, it was clear to me that he needed to focus as much on me as on our dog Zane, and he did so successfully. He comes to our home and Zane loves him! Overall, I've been very happy with his help, his encouragement and his dedicated passion!


online dog training course

Every week we provide masterclasses on actionable training and hot topics in dog training.

These are complementary to the courses and dive deeper into subjects that help you and your dog create reliable obedience.

Here’s what waiting for you:

  • Building Focus in High Distractions
  • Puppy raising 101
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Potty training 101
  • Handling Reactivity
  • Leash walking 101
  • Using play as a reward
  • Training multiple dogs at the same time
  • Creating everyday real-world obedience
  • And much more! 

The Virtual Dog Trainer Community is a great for for

Puppy Owners

Puppies are always learning! You want to start on right paw and prevent behaviuor issues from arsing while creating the right habits

Creating Reliable Obedience

Want your dog to listen the first time and stop problem behaviors? From getting your dog to listen on-leash to acheiveing off-leash reliability

Passionate Dog Owners

If your'e a passionate dog owner that wants to learn how to bring out the best out of your pup & is facinated by dog training

online dog training course

"Not only has Brian helped me to train but the training has given me the confidence to continue to do so

Ivy and I couldn't be Happier"

The virtual dog trainer

Gabby E.


We had a great experience with Brian. He did a great job helping us control our pomsky a lot more. We loved that fact that he would bring the training to our home. Brian was also very flexible when it came to what days and time we wanted training. He was also very clean on all his tips and tricks and even sent us videos each week on the trainings. Couldn't have pictured a better trainer for my dog. Thank you Brian!!!

The virtual dog trainer

Holly K.


My husband and I rescued a 1 yr old hound that was found living in the wild, taken to the pound, then put in a foster home before we adopted him. Needless to say we bit off a little more than we could chew and he had some issues that needed a lot of training including learning commands, walking on a leash, socialization, growling, barking etc. Brian has helped us and Jethro come a long way in the last 6-8 months with his training program, in home sessions, group classes and online help which we are very grateful for. He is always readily available for questions and support and we definitely recommend him and his program to others!

The virtual dog trainer

Lindsay S.


Had the best experience! Put my 3 year old pitsky through the at home 3 week training and he is such a well behaved dog now. Brian was patient with him and worked great around my schedule. Would 10/10 recommend

Build For Community, so you don't go at it alone

online dog training course

The Virtual Dog Trainer is built so that you have a helpful, supportive, and engaged group of like-minded dog owners alongside you.

Community features include:

  • Support and help based on your dog training goals and issues you may be experiencing
  • Work with professional dog trainer
  • Connection with like-minded dog owners from all over the world.
  • Categorized forums for organized discussions.
  • Instant referral network.
The Virtual Dog Trainer

Charles N.

Brian and Awoken K9 were great. The training for us was worth everything penny. Our dog, Welly, is a good boy but not always aware of his size (90 lbs). Brian taught us techniques to mitigate jumping, and to eliminate leash pulling, as well as many other training areas. We've seen significant improvement in how Welly acts and recommend Brian and Awoken K9 to anyone looking to train their dog

The virtual dog trainer

James D.


Brian @ Awoken K9 is a very good trainer. My pooch has much better behavior. I now understand her more and can stop bad habits. Thanks Brian.

The virtual dog trainer

Sarah Y.

I am so thankful for Brian and Awoken K9. At the time we started training, Ivy was 4 months old. Not only has Brian helped me to train but the training has given me the confidence to continue to do so. I couldn’t recommend him/them more. I had private appointments in my home as well as being offered group training sessions. Ivy and I could t be happier! Thank you, Brian!

Kirsten C.

We purchased the Silver package, which is 5 training sessions. We see such an improvement with Khaleesi behavior. Before Brian showed up, we were having behavioral issues with our dog. With training and necessary tools given to us, we are finding it easier to get her to listen and see her focused more. 100% happy with Brian at Awoken k9. We are looking forward to the Group sessions!!! Kirsten, Ismael and Khaleesi!!!

Hayley J.

I have a two year old Australian shepherd that was quite literally making me cry any time I walked him due to his reactivity to other people, dogs, and just fighting me on the leash even if we were alone. My mom found Brian and AwokenK9 and by our first consultation appointment, I was hopeful! After completing the five week program, my aussie’s walking and reactivity is NIGHT AND DAY better! We have built such a better bond through some communication techniques Brian taught us. I finally can look forward to walking my dog versus dreading it. I’m so thankful we found Brian - as was my dog who very much enjoyed working with him. Brian is patient, kind, and you can tell he loves the animals he works with which was very important to me as a crazy dog mom. I highly recommend checking AwokenK9 out - you will not regret it and your pup will thank you!

Will B.

We have a mutt puppy that Brian met when she was about 6 months old or so, she’s now 9 months. We wanted someone to help with basic obedience, potty training, and walking on her leash. Brian was amazing and now our dog is too! We were given endless resources and tips that helped us along the way. Our dog is a million times more well behaved in just 5 sessions with Brian. Of course you have to put in the training time, but the lessons Brian gives makes training time fun!

Michela H.

I have a mini golden doodle who was 1 years old and full of so much energy when we started training with Brian. I sought out training due to my dogs resource guarding, which has since improved drastically. Brian is great at explaining how to do each training technique and why it is to be done a certain way. The online resources are also great. I feel very confident going forward with everything I have learned from Awoken K9. Thanks so much!

Ismael C.

Brian is amazing, not only he is good following up, making sure we are in the same page but you can tell he absolutely loves animals. That for us was key, the fact that he really cares about the progress is outstanding. I will always let people know about him and his company! Thank you Brian, and Khaleesi thanks you a million!!

Gigi R.

I have a 1 year old GS/mal mix. Awoken K9 was recommended by my vet due to his behavior in public and with his fear and reaction with staff. With Brian's guidance and training program, I am now able to go out with my dog and I have a good experience. He has come a long way and I am happy with his progress. Brian was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. It helped that we trained at my home and in public places. Thank you Brian!



The Virtual Dog Trainer- month to month
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  • All Dog Training Courses ($1,975.00 Value)
  • Monthly live 1-hour Q&A sessions with Professional Dog Trainer
  • Private messaging with Professional Dog Trainer
  • 24/7 community support
  • Weekly Dog Training masterclasses
  • Instant Referral Network
  • Access to Industry Expert Training
  • Access to Industry Expert Training
  • Virtual Dog Training Success Path


The Virtual Dog Trainer- GET 2 MONTHS OFF
$ 570 / YEAR
  • All Dog Training Courses ($1,975.00 Value)
  • Monthly live 1-hour Q&A sessions with Professional Dog Trainer
  • Private messaging with Professional Dog Trainer
  • 24/7 community support
  • Weekly Dog Training masterclasses
  • Instant Referral Network
  • Access to Industry Expert Training
  • Access to Industry Expert Training
  • Virtual Dog Training Success Path